So it’s been a while since i’ve posted, but i’ve been so so busy with everything it’s been an absolutely mad couple of weeks.

When I last wrote it was still pretty much Summer, but Fall (I love using that word here) has now fully descended on the State of New York and as I write this I am sat in Starbucks, wrapped up in scarf and hoodie drinking gingerbread latte (yum.)

My Life Recently

Sorority – ΚΛΨ
For the last 6 weeks I have been pledging for a Sorority called Kappa Lambda Psi, or KLP (ΚΛΨ.) My pledge class consists of 2 people (there were originally 3), myself and Ally – a very cool American girl from New Jersey who likes The Beatles and has the same stupid sarcastic humor as me. Although I am not allowed to reveal too much of what exactly we have to do, I can say that we have to follow the same pledging traditions the Sisters have gone through since the 1980’s, we have to wear our new member pins at all times and we have to learn a lot of stuff, which includes learning the Greek Alphabet (yep, as in the actual alphabet and symbols.. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon.. which I now know, off by heart, as well as all the symbols.) And we have our 2 awesome Pledge moms, B and Maj to help guide us through the process.

Bigs and Littles and Greek Life.
So each new member of a Sorority whilst they are pledging is given a ‘Big’ i.e. a Big Sister that is a mentor to you throughout the new member period (Fraternities have Big Brothers), you are therefore known as their ‘Little.’ A few weeks ago after a particularly long Sorority event, Ally and I were finally informed that we had been given our Bigs and received 2 HUGE bags of presents from them – but with a catch, we weren’t yet allowed to know who they were! This was the start of a process whereby over the next 2 weeks we received bags and bags of mystery presents and little cards with clues on them as to who our Bigs were.

Finally, we got to find out, and mine is an amazing girl called Kenya (I knew it was you!!) an absolutely amazing lady from the Bronx, New York who loves tea as much as me. Seriously though, the presents are awesome and some of the sweetest and most thoughtful things i’ve ever been given, she has bought me so much and it’s safe to say I have been well and truly spoilt. (pictures at the bottom of this post.)

What else has been going on in my increasingly American life?

I had my first tournament, it was over 9hours long, and I scored my first point! Awesome day. I got amazingly accidentally mid air tackled and have slight minor nerve damage in my hip (who said frisbee isn’t a real sport) i’m so accident prone it’s unreal, so i’m out for a couple of weeks but will be back training as soon as possible. Really starting to get more of the hang of things in terms of tactics and it’s such good fitness and really good fun.

So spending Halloween in the USA was, of course absolutely amazinggg. Very weird and wonderful, and the Americans really go to town on it (they have Happy Halloween greetings cards in the shops and everything) Loads of the student houses are decorated and have pumpkins outside them and Ally’s housing even took part in trick or treating, where local kids from the town get to go around the student’s houses with their families and trick or treat and the students give them candy (THE most adorable thing I have ever seen.)

The Costumes
Ok, so think ‘Mean Girls’ and you’ve pretty much go it – the girls dress as slutty as possible, everyone goes as everything and anyything and there is hugely distinct lack of fake blood and zombie themed costumes! In the UK it’s very much any costume with about 3 bottles of fake blood to make it ‘dead’ or ‘zombie’ and Halloween themed. But in the USA it’s allll about the dressing up (My favourite I saw was an Optimus Prime costume.) Very very different from the UK but so cool to see so many different costumes! This year I rocked the French (English) Maid outfit, a cat (don’t judge it was the first party and extremely last minute) and Olive Penderghast from Easy A.

The Barstool Blackout Tour
The world’s largest Blacklight Party that tours all over the USA – Lazers, Fog, Blacklights, Strobes and an absolute sea of Neon. In English equivalent, it was like going to a 90’s rave at the NIA/LG arena in Birmingham (crazy). Such a mental night! And so glad I went (literally got a ticket about 4 hours before) but completely worth it, the music they play over here is phenomenal and it completely made Halloweekend.

Missing my first English Event
Bonfire Night/ 5th November is not celebrated in the USA, *gasp* well it was but like back in the 1800’s… pretty surreal missing it and a big stark reminder as to how far away from home I really am. But for every holiday I miss back in England I get to experience something new over here (Thanksgiving in a few weeks!!!)

So that has been the quick summary of my past crazy few weeks. we’re still currently pledging with no real clue as to when we’ll actually get in (we hear different things every day I swear) Ally and I are still living out of each others pockets and i’m hopefully back at Frisbee this week to start training again. Can’t believe how fast it’s all going though, back home in just over a month! Eek. 

Pictures and everything below.

Sam x

Fall at Marist College
Big and Little and just SOME of my Prezzies!!!
The Barstool Blackout Tour’13
Halloweekend Me and Liz and and Me and Kenya x

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