First things first.

I said in my last Blog post I had been pledging for a sorority. I had been pledging with Ally, for going on almost EIGHT weeks. It had been rough, and we still had no idea when we were getting in..

On Saturday 16th November at 1:30am WE FINALLY GOT IN!!!!!

Literally so relieved and so happy. I obviously cannot reveal what exactly happened in the ridiculous amount of hours in the run up to us getting in, but I can tell you the moment we did was a complete and utter shock and one I will remember for the rest of my life.

So now that we are finally Sisters and have our letters (pictures below) and can go out again without worrying about being caught 😛 we spent the weekend CELEBRATING!!!

Greek Paddles
As part of the tradition of getting into a sisterhood, you make Paddles for your Big. There’s alot of different theories as to why the paddle came about, but its core is to show respect for your sorority, your pride for your letters and a thank you to your Big. But seriously people go to town on making these paddles!(just google greek paddles and you will be blown away.) So Ally and I spent the whole of Sunday making our giant paddles for each of our Bigs, 1 for each of our pledge moms and then I made one for Ally as our Alpha Tau Class President. We got to present them on monday and the girls loved them! 😀 really pleased and had so much fun making them (pictures below.)

So what else?

11th November
Well we had Veterans day (the U.S version of Remembrance Day!) Had no idea the Americans had the same kind of the thing as us on the same day (only difference is they don’t have the whole Poppy theme going on, it’s all about the American flag) but it was really cool to see the amazing amount of patriotism going on over here and nice to see that the 11th November is celebrated on both sides of the world.

TOTALLY forgot to mention I went to a theme park in New Jersey a few weeks ago. We went for the Fright Fest just before Halloween. Was a crazy day and night, went on Superman: Ultimate Flight and Kingda Ka – The worlds tallest rollercoaster and literally the scariest thing I have ever been on in my whole life, the thing is huge (for people of the UK, it is over TWICE the height of Stealth at Thorpe Park *gulp.*) Also as it was Fright Fest there were zombies and clowns all over the park ready to jump out at you, (one really tall zombie dude with a pretend chainsaw scared the absolute life out of me.) Really cool day though and totally recommend going.

New York City
So on Saturday I went shopping in Soho with my wonderful Avi and Shanice (my other Brit from Aston Uni.) Shanice and I caught the coach and went to meet Avi whom was already in the city, having seen Macklemore the night before at Madison Square Garden (so jealous.) However we managed to get completely, utterly and hilariously lost, walking around for over an hour and managing to do a complete loop on our mission to meet Avi in the New York TopShop in Soho. We eventually found it and managed to stumble across some cool sites along the way. I’m not reeeeally a huge fan of shopping (umm.. but aren’t you like, a girl?!) I kind have a bit of a man mentality of get in and go, but it was really cool to walk around Soho and see some of the shops/stores that NY had to offer and watch Avi buy out half of H&M*. Did buy a new pashmina though for like $5 in a little store (I love NY!) Ate Quiznos for the first time, saw New York City in the Fall and Shanice got her first ever Starbucks (I know, I couldn’t believe she’d never had one either..)

*Avi has also joined my blogging bandwagon and now has his own fashion Blog! check it out:

To be honest, life is pretty sweet right now, I mean on Friday I was accepted into a Sorority, I spent the next day casually shopping in New York City, like actual New York! Went out on Saturday night with my new Sisters celebrating, school is going well and we have Thanksgiving next week. My life is so American right now it’s unreal and I absolutely love it.

Sam x

Kenya (My Big) and Ally (Alpha Tau Class President)
B and Majay (Our Pledge Mom’s) and Essence (Ally’s Big)
Kingda Ka – 6 Flags Theme Park, New Jersey
NYC with Avi and Shanice
New York Supreme Court, World Trade Centre 1 and TopShop
We got in!
Bellow presenting paddles to our Bigs Essence and Kenya and pledge moms B and Maj
(My Green/White Letters are our official Family letters eek)

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