New York New York

It’s moving day!! After spending 4 amazing days in New York with my family, seeing the sights and being cheesy tourists I am now on my way “Up State” to Poughkeepsie, NY, where I will be studying at Marist College for the year.

I can’t even explain how excited/nervous/butterfliesy I am, or even how quickly this day has come around!! Currently sitting in The Grand Central Station waiting for the train (any major movie fans will know this is a pretty epic station) drinking Coffee or “Corfeee.” *Squals* Honestly at the airport I positioned myself next to a group of American teens at baggage collection like a proper creep just to hear the accents.. “Like OMG you guys!”

So what has NYC city been like? AMAZING. We stayed in the Park Central Hotel and have visited: Central Park, 5th Avenue, The Empire State, Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway, Hudson River, Liberty Island, Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, Manhattan Bridge, Soho, China Town, Ground Zero, NY Apple Store, NY Hard Rock Cafe and of course Times Square**. We have eaten NY cheesecake, cheeseburgers, shrimp, pizza, french toast, cakepops, fries and.. Ok on a serious note having only been here for 4 days you can already see why it is so easy to get fat in America..

**Btw for anyone ever thinking of going to New York I completely recommend the open top CitySights NY Hop on/Hop off bus tour which can include the river tour and the night tours (these are awesome!) to fit so many things in.

Ok, so my train is about to be called! Eeeeek. I can’t believe I’m actually going off to “College.”
I feel like its my first day of school again..

Sam x