The First Week of College.

It’s been a mad, exciting, surreal, weird and wonderful week.

We’ve had Orientation where I learnt things like; They DO use the grade system of A, A+ B etc (so much more fun than 2.1’s and 1’s!!) Campus “etiquette” i.e. how to be a polite human being around campus, who we need to talk to if we are feeling sad, how to change our classes and how to use the library (28 day loan people!!!)

Our group has expanded and become even more weird and wonderful and we’ve become very close as a group. I have developed the nickname ‘Geordie Shore’ from my lovely Israley/English friend Avi, as I am apparently very outgoing, loud and wear fake tan, lol. He insist it’s a compliment and we have the best team ever at Beer Pong.

The ‘accent.’ There have been mixed reactions about my accent, I had been under the complete pretense that over here everyone would LOVE my accent before I left, only to be greeted with the fact that in the city, nobody gave a crap I was British. Seriously, I could have been walking around with a monocle and top hat and no one would have batted an eyelid. However, College has been a completely different story, everyone is so excited about the fact I am from England!! and many have taken it upon themselves to imitate me (which is absolutely hilarious) “Hello I am from Eng-erl-land, please may I have a cup of tea?” I love it. I also love the fact that so many people in the U.S think that everyone knows everyone in England. “Oh wow! you’re from England! Do you know Caroline Eavestock? She’s also from England!” So funny.

Applebee’s. We’ve had a birthday already for my lovely french friend Alessandra, and we went to Apple Bee’s (eeek) we’ve been shopping and gone to the Mall, rushed to breakfast most mornings, (got up at 7am everyday this week except for today for orientation) and we’ve gone to an American house party and real American Diner.

I have learnt that American guys are on the other end of the scale of outgoing compared to British guys. Seriously, I was walking to meet some of the girls and could vaguely hear someone running shouting “ma’am! ma’am!” So i turned around, only to be greeted by an 18 year old American football freshman running up to me to say hello, insisting on giving me his number and then left me alone when he realised I was 22.. haha. To be honest i’m not actually as depressed about being 22 as I was in England as the drinking age here is of course 21 so I can still happily keep up my wine hobby.

Roomates. I moved into my new apartment and my 2 flatmates and roomate have moved in now too! and they are all wonderful girls. My roomate is from Brooklyn, New York! and the 2 girls next door are from Hawaii, yep HAWAII. I shamelessly asked them if they liked ‘Lilo and Stitch (don’t judge me, you were all wondering too) and they revealed that they love it and like to watch it when they get homesick and I nearly passed out with happiness.

This week. Overall it’s been a pretty awesome week and I am loving it here. The freshman have moved in and the Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors have moved back (i’m classed as a Junior Exchange Student by the way, i.e. 3rd year) and we have the Block Party and Fireworks tonight to celebrate (woo!!) Anyway i’m off to get ready, I can’t believe class starts tomorrow! More on that next week.

Sam x

Image: Hudson River and the Rotunda Building (Student Center)


New York New York

It’s moving day!! After spending 4 amazing days in New York with my family, seeing the sights and being cheesy tourists I am now on my way “Up State” to Poughkeepsie, NY, where I will be studying at Marist College for the year.

I can’t even explain how excited/nervous/butterfliesy I am, or even how quickly this day has come around!! Currently sitting in The Grand Central Station waiting for the train (any major movie fans will know this is a pretty epic station) drinking Coffee or “Corfeee.” *Squals* Honestly at the airport I positioned myself next to a group of American teens at baggage collection like a proper creep just to hear the accents.. “Like OMG you guys!”

So what has NYC city been like? AMAZING. We stayed in the Park Central Hotel and have visited: Central Park, 5th Avenue, The Empire State, Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway, Hudson River, Liberty Island, Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, Manhattan Bridge, Soho, China Town, Ground Zero, NY Apple Store, NY Hard Rock Cafe and of course Times Square**. We have eaten NY cheesecake, cheeseburgers, shrimp, pizza, french toast, cakepops, fries and.. Ok on a serious note having only been here for 4 days you can already see why it is so easy to get fat in America..

**Btw for anyone ever thinking of going to New York I completely recommend the open top CitySights NY Hop on/Hop off bus tour which can include the river tour and the night tours (these are awesome!) to fit so many things in.

Ok, so my train is about to be called! Eeeeek. I can’t believe I’m actually going off to “College.”
I feel like its my first day of school again..

Sam x