How to get an A+ in America, Weird words & Labor Day

So I have finally sorted my classes out, and after the first week I already have my favorite: Public Presentation (basically we have to stand at the front of the class and talk, yay) and I absolutely love my tutor, she’s a crazy mad women from Queens, NY who loves teaching and seems to quite like me.

Everyone here literally has so much enthusiasm and energy, and it especially shows in classes. To do well here you HAVE to show enthusiasm, answer questions, try and get extra credit (yes that is a real thing here) do your homework, assignments, read your books and show up to ALL your classses. (nerds..). I’ve already started to feel like i’m the annoying girl who constantly has her hand up in class haha, but I don’t care, this place has made me realise just how much I miss school! Putting your. hand up to answer a question, being all nervous it might be wrong and then feeling all clever and when you have got it right (I love it,) In the UK it’s so impersonal, but people learn in different ways and for many of my friends the UK University system works well for them. But personally, i’m a dork, I want my teachers to like me.

Weird Words
Also in class this week I very nearly made the brutal mistake of asking somebody for a ‘Rubber’… (a.k.a Eraser) It was only due to a previous conversation with a friend about Fringe’s (or ‘Bangs’ or whatever) that we got onto the discussion of how America has really strange words compared to England (you do, don’t deny it). We know the usual ‘Trash’ and ‘Sidewalk’ but recently i’m discovering more and more words like ‘Slacks’ (posh trousers) ‘Burner’ (hob) and Zucchini (courgette people!) I then suddenly remembered that a rubber (eraser) here means something veryyy different in the U.S compared to the UK. (It means a condom! (gasp!) and I had a minor chuckle to myself in class as to who funny it would have been if I had asked the person next to me if I could please borrow a rubber..

So what else has happened this week? Well, I discovered American clubbing, and my god it has been a SURREAL experience.

I had my first night out in NYC, with my friends from the UK. After walking around the city we eventually ended up in a club, with entry, a table and two bottles of Grey Goose vodka paid for by three gentlemen we had met in the queue. Now I am sure they were three absolutely charming gentlemen with no ulterior motive intended (ahem) but towards the end of the night, we went to the loo’s and decided it might be best to make a run for it and we got a cab home to our hostel. Which by the way I have to recommended – Hostelling International NYC on Amsterdam Ave – bedding and towel, beer garden, rec area, theatre and only $50 in NYC (amazing! website at the bottom.)

I also discovered clubbing in our town of Poughkeepsie, New York (wow!)
• So clubs here are FREE
• You can pay the bouncer $10 to que jump
• Vodka is SO cheap• Students have tabs (yep, TABS)
• They play amazing music (american house party, house, dance, alterntaive rock and everyone loves Blink 182.)
• They don’t check your bags or do pat downs
• People like to twerk – alot
• Pre-drinking is called ‘pre-gaming’
• People go for a slice of pizza at the end of the night (it’s literally one GIANT slice)
• In some clubs they have things going on like Hula hoop and Volley Ball
• Pulling is what you would expect to see in under 18 clubs in the U.K
• Everyone shares a cab home, even if they are going to different places – i.e. everyone pays $3 dollars to get in the taxi, they will literally ask people to sit on eachother to fill the taxi up as much as possible, then the taxi will drop off everyone accordingly (mental!)

We like sports
This week I also went to the gym (what?!) played some basketball, signed up for some clubs at the activities fair including Volley Ball, Marist Relay for Life *squals*, Skiing, Ultimate Frisbee, a Sorority and some other stuff.

On Saturday we went to the first College American Football Game of the season (Go Red Foxes!!) we had to be evacuated though due to a sudden massive storm appearing out of nowhere and the risk of the stadium being struck by lightning (awks). Literally one of THE most amazing storms I have ever been in.

I also met the Professor of the Television and Broadcasting class. On the discovery of my English accent he launched into much he loves the BBC and after chatting for several minutes about how much he loves Downton Abbey (honestly everyone loves that show here) he insisted on bringing me into his class to introduce me to all his students (omg) I was asked if I wanted to join the TV society and told I could maybe read College News (what!) Also this week I’ve got so badly bitten I’ve finally had to invested in some bug spray.

Today is also Labor Day which means no work and no classes 🙂

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