Booked My Flights.

Yep, this morning I finally got round to booking my flights. August 16th, 8:30am from London, Heathrow. I also have some company on the plane! My Mom & lil’ bro will also be flying out with me. (They’ve never been to NY either so it’s the perfect excuse*.) I don’t actually start my “semester,” (love using all these new American words!!) until the 19th, so this will give me a nice day or two being a proper English tourist to do touristy things. Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Empire State etc etc..any pointers on places to go would be HUGELY welcomed. 

*This also means I have some extra suitcases to sneakily put more clothes and shoes in when they’re not looking..

Can’t believe how quickly it’s all coming around! Less than 6 weeks. But i’m mentally high fiving myself as I am finally writing in my blog for the first time ever/half sunbathing in the HOTTEST SUMMER ENGLAND HAS HAD SINCE 2006. 

Image: Ticket

Sam x