The Lion King, Broadway, How To Deal With Being Ill In Another Country and Our First Fire

If there’s one thing you absolutely must do when you’re in NYC, it’s go and see a show on Broadway.

Why? Ok, I’ve been really lucky to have seen a few major shows in London, and they have all been incredible. But seeing a show in New York City? It’s a completely different experience. It’s amazing; the settings, surroundings, atmosphere and just general feeling you get from being there, it completely takes your breath away, I absolutely recommend to anyone who is lucky enough to visit here to do all the major attractions like the Empire State, Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero, and if you can fit in going to see a show too. Do it.

Where to eat: Juniors – Times Square on Broadway
“Where every night is opening night!” (so cheesy, I love it) anyway, so Juniors is this really cool authentic American Diner on Broadway which sometimes has Broadway stars signing autographs on the balcony outside. (We walked past the cast of Matilda the musical as we walked in.) Had the Steak Cheeseburger and Fries, Pineapple Milkshake (try it, seriously) and Chocolate and Vanilla cheesecake (SO GOOD), and a pretty good bill at the end considering we were in the middle of NYC. It’s an awesome little place and really sets the mood for seeing a show and it’s right around the corner from the Minskoff Theatre.

The Lion King
For the 2nd time of seeing it in my lifetime, it was amazing. I’m definatly one of those people who get’s really really into something when i’m watching it, and I absolutely love the theatre. My eyes well up as soon as they start belting out

“IT’S THE CIRCLE OF LIFEEEEEEE!!!!” and don’t even ask me how much I cry when Mufasa dies.. (it’s really sad ok.)

But seriously, if you ever thought about going to see it, Go. I don’t want to give too much away, and i’m sure anyone else who has been lucky enough to see it will agree, it’s an absolute must seeee.

Being Ill
So this year’s fresher’s flu finally caught up with me. Being ill/poorly/under the weather or sick when you’re in another country is nothing short of depressing. (I love the term ‘i’m sick’ in this country, as it seems to encompass every single possible illness ever.) But seriously, the other day I felt so ill all I wanted to do was be at home, in my home bed, with my home TV and be hanging out with my mom. So, I decided to do some research, and I found some great tips online and got some lovely advice from friends who’ve also had experience of living away,

So here is a run down list of the best things to do when you get sick in another country:

– Surround yourself with home comforts (tea, tea and more tea)
– Don’t try and be clever and go out that night (…)
– Stay hydrated, it is ridiculously easy to get out of the habit of drinking enough water when you move away
– Watch all the TV shows/movies you’d watch if you were poorly at home (New Girl, Big Bang and anything Monty Python)
– Avoid dieing in bed all day and if you can venture out into daylight, do
– Use the opportunity to catch up with as many friends/ family as possible to combat homesickness
– Be proactive, take your meds, catch up on work and take your time to rest

I can’t *cough* i’m sick.

So I get a call from the lovely Shanice (the other English person from our group of 3 from Aston University) the other night going: “SAM!!!! My house is on FIRE!!! So I ran over like an absolute mad women from the other side of campus, fearing nothing but the worst, I literally had visions of flames coming out of the windows, the fire spreading and the whole Upper West being up in flames when I got there..

On arrival however I was greeted with this image: A huge crowd outside the house (it wasn’t up in flames luckily, it had just been the oven in the kitchen) loads of firemen, security and Shanice standing outside in her bright pink slippers, shaking like a leaf, holding her suitcase and trying to explain to me that she had only been trying to cook Fish and Chips.

I honestly don’t know what was funnier, the fact she had her suitcase or the irony that she had been tryng to cook the most British dish possible.

Luckily after calming her down she also saw the funny side. (If you need someone to be serious in those situations I am not the person to go to) But in the end nobody was hurt, it was only the stove, a kettle and a bit of a the wall that had been damaged and everything else was fine, and to be honest I believe in those situations that’s all that really matters, objects and items can always be replaced, people can’t, so if you’re ok, and everyone else is ok, that’s all that really matters. So whilst we waited outside I did the only thing that every English person in that situation would do, invited her over for a cup of tea and a chat whilst everything finished calming down.

In other news, I MADE THE TEAM!!!! 😀 The Official Fox Ultimate Team!! Literally so happy and i’m so so psyched to be on it. The whole team are an amazing bunch of people, everyone’s so chill and welcoming and just up for a laugh. 

More on that the next few weeks!

Below, pictures of the week:

Sam x

The Lion King NYC
That Suitcase